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You've Got Time

A lot of people that I’ve spoken with about this topic (not ALL, but a recognizable ‘some’) have come to understand that you do your ‘best’ in life in your 20’s and 30’s. If you don’t, then you never get that climax in your life.

Another take on this is ‘you only have that decade or two to make an impact on the world’ and once you pass that you become too old to contribute. Or you only become ‘famous’ in your 20’s and 30’s.

I can kind of see where this idea is gathered from my experience in schooling and influences from teachers/peers. And when you take a look at the stars in social media, mainstream pop culture, actors and actresses, they all appear rather young and famous.

I don’t know EXACTLY where this idea sprouts from, but it impacts the daily human rather negatively. I remember a discussion I had with someone (a couple of people) where they strongly believed that life is

  1. Preset and Predetermined in our society.

  2. You only get your 20’s to make an astounding impact.

  3. Once you hit your 40’s, you’re ‘old’ and life becomes boring.

I remember getting pretty heated about that idea set, and I kept pushing the opposite spectrum of that idea. They understood what I was saying 100%, but just didn’t agree with it.

I want to make it very clear.

You have time. To make money, to make yourself and your family happy, to travel the world. To make a name for yourself. You have time.

  • People who got their “Big Breaks” after 40: Larry David at 42, Alan Rickman at 42, Samuel L. Jackson at 43, Viola Davis in her early 40’s, Leslie Jones at 47.

  • By Big Break I mean the piece of work that catapulted them into the spotlight.

These people are extremely loved and are cherished for their contributions to our culture. The majority of the people listed above are actors, I know. So what about some musicians and artists (either design or a chosen form of written or visual art)?

  • Sheryl crow at 31, Bill Withers at 34, 2 Chainz at 34, Vera Wang at 40, Stan Lee at 38, Sam Walton at 44, Momofuku Ando at 48, Julia Child at 50.

If you want to see more examples, google ‘(job role here) who became famous in their 40’s.’ Change around a few words in there and you’ll really start seeing what the true average is for fame and fortune.

You have not ‘lost’ time. You haven’t ‘wasted’ time. You are still growing and that is OK. Time is always on your side, and hopefully I made that clear through these examples. Some of these people were head deep in another occupation and just started doing something else. Some of these people had been in it for a while and they finally had their pitch accepted.

Don’t catch yourself in the ‘I’ve lost it’ mindset, because THAT is the worst burden to put on personal success. First of all, you define your own personal success (emphasis on personal). Second, YOU make it happen. No one else will put you on the path to success. You have to.

I hate to hear this mindset if I’m going to be honest. I love seeing people rise and meet their goals. It’s an amazing thing to watch. I HATE it when they lose focus on their goals in lou of focusing on what they aren’t or what they can’t achieve anymore.

You can achieve whatever you put in front of you. You can. You absolutely can! You JUST have to remember these examples, understand that you aren’t in your chances yet, and once you realize it you’ll succeed.

I hope this wasn’t to ranty. It’s something I could go on and on about. I want people to get themselves together and LIVE for their own success.

Have an amazing day, and get out there!

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