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You ARE everything you want to Be

You are everything you want to be.

With the context of potential.

Where you are now doesn’t necessarily dictate where you will be in the future. Where you physically are now, in reference to work, school, relationship-wise, socio-economically, and financially. None of these things will dictate where you end up.

What will: you. I’ve really stamped this down before, but every single person reading this is a bud. A sprout, that just grew into the first stage of a flower. And everyone is at different stages, right? We have the new little bulbs that just came to be, we have the buds that are just about to open up, the one’s who aren’t quite in the sunlight enough to get open yet, the ones who are halfway open, etc.

You are a sacred existence that needs nourishment, care, and time, just like those buds. But, as the buds-before-the-flower are, they are self-made. They make their own food, their own shelter, and they will often move into the right place to grow (as how plants on a windowsill will purposely grow towards sunlight).

You are that little bud, on whichever stage of growth you are at, just chugging along. The end goal is already there, inside you, just waiting to bloom. No matter who you are, where you are, or your personal experiences. You are already amazing and perfect. It’s already set inside you.

Through growth, time, and care, you will see how amazing and beautiful you are. Just like how buds are just waiting to blossom into their flowers, you are right on track to being exactly the person you want to be.

Keep setting your goals, keep working towards your future, keep investing in yourself, and keep working on change. All of these endeavors will help you bloom. Don’t let self-doubt take root, since you are your worst critic. And don’t let anyone drag your attention away from your goals, as they will (usually unintentionally) do.

If you need to, make a list of your achievements. Make a list of your FUTURE achievements as well. They are all apart of you; past, present, and future achievements. You have to make the road map leading to those future ones, no doubt, and you need to work towards them as much as your schedule can allow, sure! But they are still there, and they are a part of who you are.

You are EVERYTHING you want to be, and a thorough commitment to patience and hard, smart work will prove that to you.

I hope this piece keeps you aware of yourself and your work, and I hope you know that you and your goals are always a part of you, you just need to work towards finally blooming!

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