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You are Beautiful as you ARE

Take a second to appreciate yourself. Every itty bit of yourself, take it all in. You’ve got it all, and you are beautiful and amazing as you were made.

You were brought on this earth to be YOU, not someone else’s standard. You were brought here to be a creator, a place to receive and give love, and a muse for yourself and others to appreciate.


Growing up during middle school I really, really thought I was ugly and substandard. That’s due to the usual: social media influences and the messages I received from them. Back then Instagram and Pinterest had JUST cropped into popularity, so of course I got on them and posted a few selfies. They immediately became a bad influence because I used them completely wrong. Here is what I think I got wrong during those times.

I compared myself to what I saw. When I scrolled over a beautiful, gorgeous woman, I compared myself to her. I became my worst critique.

“My eyebrows aren’t like that.”

“I don’t have lips like that.”

“I can’t style my hair that way.”

“I don’t have eye lashes that long.”

“I’m not perfect like her.”

“Why am I not pretty like that?”

Today, I know I looked at those pictures as if I was supposed to be like those girls. I believe it was because I felt that what those girls were promoting was the ‘beauty standard’ of girls my age. And if I had anything different, I was lesser than beautiful. I deleted those applications, as at that age I felt like I needed to look like those girls. And since I didn’t, I felt self-conscious about how I looked, and the use of those applications became mute.

I got back onto those same platforms a couple of years ago because I was gifted a beautiful camera. For the first couple of months I would post my photography, but never any ‘selfies’. It occurred to me pretty quickly that other people were extremely happy with their selfies, but they weren’t the ‘standard of beauty’ that I saw as a 13-year-old. I put myself in their shoes: They are embracing their beauty and loving who they are. So, it was time for me to start that too!

Embrace your beauty, and love who you are.

It took me a long, long while to sandpaper down the walls I built to avoid being ‘narcissistic’, ‘Full of myself’, ‘wanna be’, ‘not humbled’. It also took me a while to realize that it was other people saying those things. Naturally I would reflect those words in my head when I felt any bit ‘pretty’. So, to avoid feeling ashamed of feeling pretty, I started knocking down the people and influences that made me believe ‘feeling pretty is the same as being narcissistic’. It’s NOT!

I’m proud to say that today I posted my first FULL BODY photo that I took of MYSELF for MYSELF and posted it on instagram. From a third person perspective, I’m sure that looks, sounds, and feels like absolutely nothing. It’s a big step because I’ve been reaming myself with a negative body perception for YEARS now, and I finally understand that:

“My beauty is my brand and not like anyone else. I am beautiful in my own way, and not like anyone else. I am strong, gorgeous, fit, and gracious as I am. And I believe it now.”

Now repeat that phrase to yourself until you believe it for yourself. Because it’s true for you, too.

Please pick up this ideology and RUN WITH IT. This message is NOT just for women, for men too! Men AND women: Don’t superimpose your body and face onto inconsistent societal standards of beauty. Instead, make your OWN personal standard of beauty! Use those ‘societal’ standards more as an area of inspiration, rather than a ‘what I am not’ example.

To summarize:

  • Feel empowered by your beauty, not disadvantaged by it.

  • You are your own beauty, as others are their own beauty.

  • You are loved and cherished for WHO YOU ARE, not who you aren’t.

  • Try not to compare. Try not to ‘be like them’. Instead, use their journey as an inspiration for your own, and map your own way to self-confidence, love, and self-care.

  • Love what chance gave you. You'll live with yourself for the rest of your life, so support your journey not just internally, but on the outside as well.

I hope this piece is refreshing and insightful, as I’ve always wanted to be not just told, but PROVEN that what I have is beautiful as it stands. Have an amazing day everyone!

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