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Women who have Affected Who I am

As a woman, I look for female role models in social media, in my home town, in the public eye in general. I want to know who is sending out a positive message, who has good morals and values, and who has the time to help others. The women I’m about to list below have affected me in many different ways. I hope they understand how much they mean to me.

In my Family:

My Mother

Growing up, I had a successful business owner as a mother. She was always working extremely hard for the company and to provide a warm meal and home for my brother and I. She was the one who taught me about finances, about how important a credit score is, how important a retirement fund is, how important it is to save money, and how important female autonomy is. I talk with her on a daily basis, and she is still an IV of information example to me. Thank you, for all that you do and accomplish.

My Grandmothers (My mom and my Dad’s side)

These women have been with me since I could breathe. They’ve watched me grow and have loved me every step of the way. Now they are older, and it’s time for me to give back as much love as I can. Going out to eat together, hearing their stories, seeing them love their friendship, and teaching me a whole new type of family love I’ve never experienced. I know them better than I could have hoped for, and I love them to the moon and back. They have taught me how to love the right way, and I am grateful that I could have them in my life as much as they’ve been.

My Aunt Elizabeth

She showed me an example of a strong-willed and intelligent woman. Very firm, but kind. Extremely sweet, but knows when to be stern. She exhibits a balance that not many people can manage, and she wears it with grace and dependability. At the same time, she cries in times of family gatherings and she is extremely family-oriented and loves her family to the ends of their fingertips. I love who she is, and she is confident in who she has become. She has shown me an example of unreserved confidence in herself, in women, and I hope to be able to exhibit that same force.

Outside my Family:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC

The Representative of New York’s 14th Congressional District, Mrs. AOC is awe-inspiring to me. She is a well educated and hard-working young woman who has dedicated the majority of her life to either educating or supporting the Latinx community and helping her family survive by picking up bartending shifts. She recognized income inequality, opportunity skips per zip code, and she has achieved the amazing status of Congresswoman at the striking age of 30. Passion for her family and for her community has pushed her to become an upstanding and recognized woman that everyone knows by name. She has taught me that with passion, love, and commitment, you can impact your community in a positive manner and strive for equality over many different aspects of life and community.


I was a Caregiver for a Home Health Company for about a year, and she was someone I had the opportunity to help. During my brief time with her, which was about 7 months, I watched her work through the circumstances that life put her in. As we all know, life is very unpredictable. However, even with two children to take care of, she was still extremely positive and calm. From my perspective, if I spent a second in her position I’m not sure if I could have held the stress as gracefully as she did. She taught me that the best way to keep going in some of life’s tricky situations is by knowing that when you’re in it, you’re in it. Keep a level head, and push forward with what you’ve got.

Katie Porter

The Representative of California’s 45th District, this well-founded and extremely intelligent woman inspired me to know that humanity comes before money. I’ve watched her drill into Bank CEO’s, Trump Officials, and many other seemingly ‘untouchable’ people only to riddle them down to their foundations. She has taught me that asking the right questions can go a long way. By watching her during her iconic 5-minute spitfire sessions during interrogations, she is able to peel down the exterior of major CEO’s to expose their misleading, or true and unjust intentions. There is power in communication, and she has shown me that there is power in the right communication with the right people.

Mrs. Wells

I went to a middle school down the road during a very unruly time of my life: puberty. Also during this time, my home life was very uncomfortable as my brother was following his own path and my parents and I had to deal with the consequences. Mrs. Wells was a creative writing teacher that I had the chance to be taught by. She would give us practice FCAT writing prompts (FCAT is a testing system that tests the students to see if they meet a certain standard of knowledge) and would review and grade them on the projector. I was given a prompt, and I wrote an open-hearted and unrestrained recap of a family event that had recently occurred. She read it on the projector and began to cry. She got up from her seat, rushed over to me, and gave me a hug, which made me cry as well. I needed that moment more than she knew, and I revere her as someone who helped me keep going. Thank you, Mrs. Wells. Your kindness made me stronger.

Briella Brown

This young woman briefly changed my view of my potential one late night as I was binging some Shark Tank videos on YouTube. She is a young entrepreneur, just blossoming into the field, with bundles of potential in her wake. The Sharks chimed over her, just loving her passion and admiring her timing and ability. I want to be like her in two years. Maybe three. At some point, I want to be like Briella Brown, the young girl turned entrepreneur, who scored a young business on her own. The part of her that struck a chord in me was her age and her resilient courage. She had an idea, and she ran with it as fast as she could. And it worked! I hope to find a niche market just as she did, monetize it, and make it into my own. I hope to be a role model for a young lady, just like myself, who is looking for a positive example.

Jane Elliott

During her Blue eyes Brown eyes experiment, she re-enacted the feeling of discrimination and unfounded judgment on populations of people without control of their body’s appearance. She has done this throughout her life, and she has also taught adults and college students about discrimination disguised as incorporation. Jane Elliott is a well-spoken, well written, and well-established advocate of Civil Rights and a strong advocate of diversity. Specifically, the appreciation of diversity. I strongly agree with her views and have yet to find something that doesn’t sit right. She showed me that passion, knowledge, and the ability to know what is right is a well-wielded weapon in the fight against racism, discrimination, and prejudice around the world.

These woman have engraved their meaning and life into my life, and have taken the best from each of them. These strong willed and amazing woman have inspired me to write my own story. Thank you, to all of them.

I hope this piece shed some light on some amazing women in our society, and I hope to some day become one of them. Have an amazing day!

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