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The Benefits of Journaling

This is a personal account of how intermittent journaling affected my life.

This has been a consistent hobby of mine since 2018. I was 18-19 in 2018 and had just gotten a taste of freedom after graduating from high school. I had issues with some personal topics and I didn’t have anyone around at the time that I could trust with a personal one-on-one. I knew I was barely handling the ideas on my own, I knew I had to talk to someone.

I didn’t take journaling seriously at first because I thought it would end up making me crying at my keyboard while only amplifying my feeling of solitude, not extinguishing it. At some point, journaling ended up being my only option, so I opened up a word document named ‘Journal’ and put in my first entry.

It felt dumb at first, but it soon became a place I went to every day to let out what I was thinking. From school troubles, to personal troubles, to venting about social and political events, to discussing some personal goals, self-motivation: an oasis of personal communication was formed. It became the exact opposite of what I expected it to become.

Journaling became insightful, self-evaluating, reassuring, and comforting. I’ve told many people around me of how therapeutic it is. I will sit down and journal in order to stand up feeling like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and feeling like a completely different person.

I’m not suggesting to drop all your friends and marry a computer. I’m suggesting an alternative option. What I’ve found myself doing is talking about a topic with someone, then going to my journal to discuss it more. I’ve also talked myself through the worst times in my life just to try and get a grip on what was happening. There have 100% been times where I have been crying at this keyboard, but as I was typing the objective facts of whatever was happening, this journal served as a rock in a stormy sea.

The objective talk I conduct in this journal translated immediately to how I talk to people during corrective discourse. I found myself asking the same questions in real life to gauge the reality of a situation: what are the facts? What actually happened, in chronological order? Did you do something wrong? Did you deserve what happened? Did they deserve what happened?

To summarize: journaling is a place of comfort and corrective discourse that is self-lead, maintained, and has been nothing but supportive in my life so far. I plan to keep this journal for a long time.

Hopefully you find the same results if you consider journaling in whichever fashion you find most convenient to your schedule. Again, I highly advertise this practice as I’ve had some very well established results that I find myself eager to interact with again.

Have an amazing day!

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