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The Art and Beauty in You

To start: you are art. Your blood, your hair, your skin color, your body, your heritage. All of that is within you. All of it is beauty manifested. All of it is art and magnificence unfolded.

The most difficult thing to deal with for a young girl or guy living in the United States is the overhead body and beauty standard. Forget clothes and hair for a second, the majority of our models that are ‘high-up’ are skinny, caucasian, and live luxurious lifestyles. The same with our celebrities, the same with our actors and actresses.

Especially on prime TV, we rarely see people of color. I’d say we’ve gotten better, as I can’t

deny the African and Asian representation on many different media platforms. However, we rarely see people openly representing their ethnicity, culture, and religion. We don’t often see Yamakas on ET, or Ellen. We don’t often see Kente cloth or Hanfu dresses (but on specific occasions). These are BEAUTIFUL articles of culture, beauty, and insights on various other ways of life and personal representations of religion and culture. Although we don’t see them represented on the United State’s forefront media platforms often, we can seek them out on places like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

I want to make it super, crystal clear, that

“Just because a media outlet doesn’t show these items on their forefront, it doesn’t mean they are 'weird', not allowed, or are not right.”

You, every bit of you, is art. Your heritage, your siblings, your ethnicity, are all welcome and NEEDED. You are beautiful and accepted as you are, with and without representation. I wish there were more examples of representativeness in every-day media, but it’s not there. It’s really not. You need to go out of your way to learn and assimilate these culturally-redeeming items. Even on applications like Instagram and twitter, you need to seek these out.

There will 100% come a day where people can openly and unapologetically wear whatever they want, promote their culture and ethnic background, and be an undeniable representation of themselves and their heritage. That day is not today, and not tomorrow. But it is in our inevitable future.

Your background, your heritage, your home, your people, your clothing, your skin color, your EVERYTHING, is amazing and beautiful. You can wear what you believe represents YOU.

I feel represented to the hilt. From hair to clothing. Since I’m a young white woman, I have plenty of role models to choose from. I want there to come a day where EVERY young person has those same role models in media. From Indian, to Chinese, African, Nigerian, Jamaican, Iranian, Russian, Mixed, Cuban, Mexican. And for any of the ones I didn’t mention here. They all are beautiful, filled with grace, and should be ALLOWED to be represented in media around the world.

One more time:

You, and everything about you, is worthy of acceptance and positive exposure. You are unique and individual, and a work of art that has been primed and cultivated over the course of thousands of years.

I wouldn’t call this piece a criticism of the United States media. This piece is a reassurance to those who have any doubt of their self-worth. The United States media and it's various media platforms is an extremely sensitive dichotomy. Each platform's media is manufactured around it's main audience. It's extremely hard to change that, for many different reasons.

I would understand if anyone feels taken aback by this article, I understand. By no means do I mean to offend. I do, however, strive to include and embrace the individual in you. I want you to know that you are beautiful, and full of art, as you are.

I hope this article reassures you. I hope I didn’t strike a chord, or bruise anyone. I only mean to identify the beauty and art in everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. From Caucasian to African, Asian to South African, Mexican to mixed. EVERYONE.

Have an amazing day, and keep shining as you are.

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