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Support Board

What is it?

A physical board in your room that shows you your goals. From fitness, to financial, to personal, etc.

I like the idea of making a pinboard and placing on it my decade bucket list, some quotes, and putting up my fitness, occupational, education, and personal goals. Those would be pictures of other people I aspire to be like, or places that I want to travel to in the future, houses or cars I’d like to be able to purchase, etc.

For the days where I zone out into my work, either for my physical job or blogging, I tend to forget what I’m working towards quickly. This usually leads to that “what am I doing?” and the typical “Is this really worth it?” cyclical phrases that crop up when I’ve lost sight of my end goal. I've learned that I may need a constant reminder of what I'm working towards, in a visual form.

What is the idea behind it?

To have a visual aid to your future success. To realign yourself with what matters to your life. To help you refocus back on the end goal. To put in front of you the importance and meaning behind the work you’re doing.

I’ll often get caught up in ‘getting’ there, or the work required to get there. I quickly get to thinking that I can’t do it or I need more money to do it successfully. Usually when I get into those states, I stop working on my personal projects. This usually lasts a day or two. However, what tends to bring me out of those dips is when I come across a picture of someone who’s done it, or a picture of a place I want to travel to, or a tiny house I’d like to buy, etc. That’s when I bring my head out of the dirt and think ‘What am I doing to get in that position?’

The Support Board I believe can help me with that, and completely erase those 'dip' days. I’m sharing it with you just in case you have the same fluxes in motivation. I know it’s extremely important to keep up a steady, consistent, and determined workflow towards your goals, and having those times where I lose focus is detrimental to that entire process. That's also detrimental to you and your goals, right?

What can you get out of it?

Hope. Understanding. Insight. A constant reminder of where you want to be.

You can change the board, add on new goals, new inspirations! You can make it bigger when you want to grow, you can put it on your bedroom/house door so you can see your ambitions before you leave your home. You can create yourself a small oasis of ‘you’, and fuel it with support and examples of what your end goals ‘look like’ so you know what to do next.

I struggle with motivation some days, so I thought this could help. I’ll post a recap article detailing how it looks when I make it!

Hope you all have an amazing day, and BE YOURSELF!

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