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Making a Decade Bucketlist

I’ve been on quite the life kick lately and this list is one of the consequences of that. I will make a bucket list for every decade going forward. This one details things I believe I am capable of accomplishing, although not necessarily listed in the order that I will accomplish them.

This list is absolutely subjective and does not reflect what you should do. I absolutely suggest making your own decade bucket lists because a bucket list should not be restricted to an entire lifetime.

What are things you’ve always wanted to do? What’s stopping you? Place things on this list that would 100% make you happy by accomplishing them. They do not need to be done NOW or later tonight, but eventually they will happen.

Here is my decade bucket list for 2020. Some of these are already in the works, but the majority are not going to happen for a while. I know they will ‘be’ within the next decade though.

  1. Build a personal Go-Kart

  2. Start a blog (DONE!)

  3. Start a business

  4. Sell eco-friendly merchandise on my blog

  5. Buy a house

  6. Get some doggies and kitties

  7. Go sky diving

  8. Buy a car in cash

  9. Get a degree

  10. Make money off of my degree

  11. Payback my parents the college education they gave me

  12. Start my own clothing line

  13. Make music

  14. Start a youtube account

  15. Live in an apartment on my favorite street in Oviedo, Florida for at least a year

  16. Buy a van, turn it into a small apartment, drive around the U.S. and Canada for a year

Ok, that’s about all I have planned. That should be a fair amount of accomplishments for a 30-year-old right? I mention that as a joke only; this is about living life to the fullest while making an income, educating myself and utilizing my education, paying back my parents for being kind enough to save up an education for me, and doing some things that I want to say that ‘yeah, I did that’. That last comment was for the Go-Kart goal, only.

I made this list because I want to redefine my life each decade.This decade, I’ll be an Accountant with her own business. The next decade, I’ll become a professional chef and open my own restaurant. I’m guessing that the next 30 years of my life are going to be the best of my life, and I’m really trying to solidify it in writing.

Hopefully you all agree, and make your own lists!! Post them on social media with the hashtag #decadebucketlist!! Since it’s 2020, now is the perfect time. Have an amazing day yall!

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