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'I Love You' Book

In 2017 I thought of the idea of dedicating a book to my children. I went to a bookstore, bought a blank journal, and began writing passages in the journal. I dated each one, and at the end of each passage I wrote the phrase “I Love You”.

It’s been three years and the journal is full of recipes, affirmations, guidance, personal experiences, and things I want them to know while they grow up. As I think of things to add into it, I put a note into my phone then once I get home I write it out into the journal. The most important thing I wanted them to pull from this journal is how much I love them, and how much they mean to me!

I know as a parent I will forget things. I’ll do something wrong, or say something wrong, and it won’t ride right with my kids. They may begin to dislike me because of some habits I have

or some ways of thinking I promote. So I wanted this journal to be a safe bed for them and for me. I wanted them to be able to go to a place where no matter WHAT, their mother loves them dearly and affirms them of that every single page. Most of all, I want them to know that they are here because I wanted to love them, to have them, and to be with them.

That’s my personal reason for creating the ‘I Love You’ book, but I’m here to spread the word about it. It doesn’t have to be for your future children. It could be for your parents when you move out for the first time, or it could be for a future husband or wife. It could be for your grandparents, a best friend, a teacher at school, or anyone who has made a substantial impact on your life.

This book is meant to show how much you endear someone. It’s a show of appreciation, gratitude, love, affirmation, joy, comfort. It’s a place that you can create for someone you love, to show them just how much you love them.

I hope someday that my children can use this book as a tap of love and affection from me. I hope one day that my children would read this book, and remember just how much I love them!!! And I hope that you can create a similar space for someone you hold dear!!

I hope you enjoyed the article, and have an amazing day!!!

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