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How to make an 'I love' List

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This is similar to a grateful list, but it’s for a different situation.

My ILTL (I Love This List) came to be when I was feeling overworked and stressed out. I wanted to relax somehow, but in the moment I didn’t know how to. I didn’t want to spend money, I didn’t want to hang out with anyone; I just wanted to stay home and focus on me for about an hour before I went back to work. I thought that I didn’t have enough things to help me relax and detach from work. I realized that I was taking a lot of things for granted, and quickly wrote out a 7-item list that reminds me of things I love.

From personal experience, the best way to detach from work is to find something that immerses you in the same way that work does. That so happens to be things that I love immensely; either it be activities, food, a person, or a furry friend. The first item on my list is: Petting Butters! Butters is the family cat that is such a lovable screw ball! He is great to hang out with for an hour or so. Usually after an hour he hates me, so that's all I get to work with.

The best way to write this list is to start tracking the small things in your life that make you happy. This requires some self awareness, but that is an easy thing to do for the reward you receive in return. After you've gathered a nice handful of things that make you happy, jot them down on a Post-it, write it in your phone, the back of your hand, on your mirror, anywhere you need that loving reinforcement.

The list was written when I wanted to unwind, forget, and collapse into a comfortable and warm 4th dimension before my next shift at work. This list should be completely subjective to things that you know you love doing and have the same effect on you as described above. It should be geared to your best interest, no one else can provide you a list of things that YOU love.

This list should not only be a stress reliever, but it should be a way to isolate the things you appreciate in your life. Small habits, people, places, adventures that really meant something to you. They should be completely geared towards you, for you, and they can be anything that can bring you to a place of serenity and peace. A small little oasis list of items that help pull you out of stress and provide some self-love, either on a weekly or daily basis.

Hopefully this activity ties you back down to the things you love most in life, and hopefully provides you a way to unwind and reconnect with some inner peace!

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