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How to make a 'Grateful' List

I wrote this list when I felt myself straying into a hopeless mindset. I was telling myself that other people have it way better, they are more successful than me, how will I get there. Those thoughts perpetuated while leaving me feeling stranded from hope. The Grateful List (GL) is a guiding tool that shows you the benefits of what is already around you.

Writing the GL was my way of pulling myself out of a negative spiral. I could call my list the Ungrateful List as well... The idea behind it is to reassure yourself that everything is not spiraling downwards, you are still where you are at, and it helped me stay grounded.

To start a GL (Grateful List), find some alone time and get comfortable, whatever definition of comfortable you have, create that environment for yourself. My definition is to be completely alone, with some music playing and some type of drink, with a candle lit somewhere in the nearby. After you get comfy in your own way start writing on a phone, tablet, piece of paper, hand, leg, whatever you can easily get your hands on.

Mine stretches about 15 items long but make yours as long as you 'd like. The first items on my list are: My legs, My eyes, My hair, My sense of taste (for food), and other acknowledgments dedicated to items and people I would live differently without. Just by writing this list you should begin to feel better about yourself and your situation. It’s very reassuring to watch how long the list grows as you identify other aspects of your life that make your life 10 times better, on a daily basis!

Also consider jotting down items that are in the future, goals you've made for yourself, an education you are working towards, a house you are saving up for. Don't hesitate to put yourself down. Don't take YOURSELF for granted!

I also wrote a ‘Potentially Grateful List’ which gets out somethings I'd like to incorporate more into my life. Some things on my list are: My Work, My Education, My Friends, My Physical Health. These are items that I want to see push up onto my main Grateful List!

Acknowledging the things in your life that make everyday better is a great way to reassurance tool. It’s very easy to get caught up in how difficult times can get, the to-do list, the stress of getting the important and unimportant things done. Giving yourself the time and closure of sitting down for a second and taking inventory of the things around you (and on you) that make your life blissful can pull you out of the rush of a busy schedule.

Hopefully this piece finds you well and helps shine a light on the better things in life! Have an amazing week!

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