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Finding Personal Success

I’m confident that finding your own personal form of success is pivotal for feeling you’ve begun to live a fulfilling life.

Personal Success

Creating your own goals and mapping out the process of accomplishing them.

This can apply to everything. Financial goals, work, social, family, etc. The main goal of creating your personal sense of success is to live the life you believe to be fulfilling, well-lived, and worth the work put into it. This could easily be a step by step process, where you evaluate your personal feelings of success. Each person has their own set of beliefs regarding success. Finding your own takes a while, and for some, they know from the jump what they need to accomplish in life.

For the majority, it’s the project of finding success. Your own definition of success. It’s the process, understanding your morals and ethics, how your current life situation creates advantages or disadvantages towards this goal. The outcome of finding this should be extremely galvanizing for everyone, and that’s why I’m writing about it!

To begin, what do you believe success means? What do you believe you need to accomplish in life in order to be ‘successful’? If you think something like ‘make money’, then you’re on the right track more or less. Can you see how that’d be EXTREMELY vague for you though?

As a second step, ask yourself ‘what is MY belief of what success is?’. You can google the definition of it all day, but what does success mean for you? Is it providing a home and warm meals for your family? Is it landing that job position you’ve been gunning for? Is it helping the homeless? Personal feelings of success vary between person and it’s a very elastic concept, so creating a personal idea of success is both easy, and tricky.

My personal definition of success is the following:

To live with comfort. Happiness. Ease. To try whatever I want to. To live unrestrained. To figure out how to accomplish each and every task I set my eyes on. To live a life worth living.

It very specific for me. I know exactly what this future means to me, and once I start affectively living this reality, I’ll feel accomplished.

What I’m promoting here is to create this success epitome for yourself. What do you WANT your personal success to look like? Ask yourself as many questions, prioritizing your well being, time, and your sense of fulfillment.

Prioritize YOUR personal success. Set yourself on your path, and live it. Accomplish what falls in line with your guidelines of personal success. I strongly believe this will aide your mental health, and reassure you that life is an incredible thing.

I hope this article is invigorating and sprouts a sense of vigor in you! Live your life, just as you wish! Have an amazing day you all!

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