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Failure is the Key to Success

Failure does not define you. It’s your reaction to it that does.

When the circumstance ends in it, another opportunity forms. That opportunity is a place that holds ingenuity, persistence, confidence, stubborn tenacity, and many other character traits. These traits are always in front of you, and your are always able to practice these traits. They arrive to you in their bare form usually. They arrive to you packaged as ‘failure’ as well.

Molding a failing circumstance into a budding opportunity sets apart the average worker from a leader in their field. If you can make any situation into a lucrative opportunity among many aspects, then you are an ASSET to companies around the globe. That’s why it’s important to know that having the ability to turn failure into success, and KNOWING that you can, is an irreplaceable piece of advice.

Usually people get caught up in it’s presence. The thought that ‘things are going south’ or ‘this isn’t turning out how I wanted it to’ is a mentally captivating sinkhole of thoughts. I used to always find myself there. Now I’m more of a ‘let’s use what we have left to our advantage’ type of gal.

Failure doesn’t happen until you accept it. Failure is the consequence of giving up. Losing hope. Sidetracking, procrastinating. The only way it can actually ‘happen’ is when you abandon the thought of success.

Now this is getting into a 'this mindset-that mindset' type of talk. I bet it gets annoying, so I want to say it in a different way: guard your success like it’s a child. Like your life depends on it, like your soul is exchanged if you accept failure. Make it a priority. Push through the small daily foibles, persist with management, blast away every job you are given and ask for more. Push yourself, defeat hesitation. Adapt to change. Grow. If this doesn’t seem like a good way to approach any situation, let me know.

My main message here is to know that time is generally on your side in most cases. Whether it’s a longterm project, short term, family, personal. As long as you priortize your success, you’ll adapt and overcome any obstacle on the path to it.

Hopefully this article empowers you and helps you understand how IMPORTANT your perception of failure is. Don’t let it consume you!!

Have a great day!!!

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