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Do what Loves You

Look for the occupation, lifestyle, hobby, or situation that nourishes you. This means a lot of things to me, and it calls for you to complete a lot of things for yourself. The end goal is what you need in your life: a life that embraces YOU, as you are. From your personality to your body to your being, all of it.

What do you love to do? Writing, art, music, expression, walking, jogging, shoes, dresses, designing, website surfing, coding, what is it? We all have something that we tend to incorporate in our lives as much as possible since we get good feelings from it. From baking to sewing, know exactly what you love. And also know, that it loves you back.

Keeping those small hobbies in your life gives you that fresh dose of dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and oxytocin that your body naturally starts seeking out. Those hobbies literally love you back.

This can translate into your work life. I highly promote the fact that you are in control of your life. The fact that you are in control of your life. If you do not like the job you are at, you can 100% change your job into another occupation you love. No matter how much time, effort, sleepless nights it takes. The more you strive for it, the more it impassions you, the more you love it, the quicker it will become a reality in your life.

You have one opportunity to live your life. You were only given one. Just one.

Live it. Fill it with things you love to spend time on. People you like to spend your time with. It is your time, so use it to nourish you.

Do what loves you. In the long term, this is a healthy and satisfying way to live your life. I personally HATE the idea of being stuck in a position I feel doesn’t suit me, I’m not particularly getting anything out of, or does the exact opposite of ‘loving me’: hating me. It tears me down. It starts affecting my relationships. It stresses me out. That is a hate relationship, and it’d be best to keep those out of your life, right?

Rather short, but I want to encourage you to start seeking out the activities, people, places, hobbies, and work-life intermingling that promote your well being. Having those positive influences in your life can do no wrong besides take up TOO much of your attention.

I hope this article sets you on the path to find what Loves You. Go out and look for it, and make it a part of your daily life. Take care everyone!

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