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Benefits of Journaling Part. II

I’ve written about the benefits of journaling before (cue the Part. II) and that one focused on making it a habit in order to find a place to vent without any critique. It’s a perfect environment to be faced with your thoughts and a place to talk openly about whatever concerns you at that time. Especially for the 9-5 worker, or the Freelancer, or the stay-at-home parent, journaling can be a fantastic way to relieve some personal stress.

This part is dedicated to the reflective aspect of Journaling. I’ve been keeping a journal on my personal laptop for years now and just the other day decided to read through my old thoughts. It was pretty funny to see, and it was awesome to see myself starting goals back then that I have now accomplished.

Arguments and Opinions

I would often use the journal to talk about discussions that turned a bit too intense. I would vent into the journal about what they didn’t know, or what I wish they would have said differently. Reading over my previous thoughts and frustrations during those times was very insightful, as I still agree with myself in parts. I wish I’d done things differently, and I was amazed at how I was so adamant about my views then only to rehearse their meaning today and think lesser of them. I found it

extremely important to have logged my past views and be able to review them now.

How you Change

It was interesting to see what put meaning into a change I made in my life. It was cool to see that if I wrote about something enough, in a bad sense, then in a couple of weeks I would come up with a solution, and end up never writing about it again. I didn’t know I was doing it when I was writing the journal entries, but I created an environment in some of my journal entries that ended up blueprinting solutions to my problems. I was able to hold myself accountable for the mistakes I made, and even apologize to my ‘future’ self. I’ve changed a lot because of this journal, and I basically wrote down my change as it occurred.

Personal Growth

I’ve grown as an individual because of the reflective sessions I’ve had with this journal. I’m happy I started writing in it. I’m grateful that I started venting to it, which slowly developed

into a calming form of personal therapy. I didn’t have to talk to my parents or close friends about certain things that I didn’t want to speak about out loud. At one point, before I started writing in the journal, I would talk about what troubled me to close friends and family. I thought “If all I ever do is complain to them, they may hate being around me at some point”. I hated the idea of making someone close to me an emotional dumpster that I’d sporadically fill with my personal problems, at random points in their life. That was the main reason I started writing in my journal.

I continue to use my journal to align my thoughts. I still go to it to talk about my personal issues, for progress at work, for progress in life. It’s become not a place for emotional strife, but now I feel uplifted and rejuvenated when I touch base with it.

Hopefully this commentary brings you to start your own Journal. As long as you take it seriously, I can confidently say it will help. Have an amazing day!

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