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Be the leader YOU need

This piece goes hand in hand with the concept of inspiring yourself. I came across this idea at work after I was promoted to key manager. I thought long and hard about what type of leader the team needs and it circled back to being a good leader in general. High communication, versed in company policy and procedure, a nice degree of common sense, a drive to help the team succeed. At the time I didn't think I met a lot of this criteria, so I asked myself 'why' I didn't meet much of it.

After that I tossed around the idea of leading myself first before I lead others. This idea progressed into a whole different idea: becoming the leader you need. For me it became an out-of-body experience, where I started to think of two separate but connected versions of me: one as the leader I needed at this time, and the current me.

Be the Leader you need. I evaluated where I was in life; how I was financially, socially, personally. At the time I didn't like who I was. The leader I 'needed' ended up being a version of myself that became my role model: she is confident, well versed in how to accomplish her goals, thought before she acted, and willing to help.

This was the leader I needed to be for myself. The dialogue concluded when I realized that if I can't properly lead myself, how am I supposed to lead others? If I can't pick myself up after a failure, how am I supposed to properly identify when someone else is struggling? How would I know the signs of success if I can't lead myself towards it on smaller scales?

The leader I am for myself is a courageous and risky girl who likes to improve other people's experiences in the shadows. She isn't the leader I want to be yet, but I know now who she is and I try to be like her every day.

This piece turned more into a rant, I apologize. I want this to be a walked path that someone else can walk through after me, so I felt explaining my impetus was important to the bottom-up understanding of the concept.

How to identify the leader you need from yourself: I found her through understanding the attributes I need in myself to get me from the place I am now to the goals I want to see through in the future.

  • Set short and long term goals. My short term goals include finishing this semester of school and staying dedicated to this blog. My long term goals include starting my own business and obtaining a Bachelors Degree.

  • Be understanding for yourself in the beginning. Understand where you need to grow. They aren't flaws, nor are they anything you should be ashamed of. Places to grow are exactly that: attributes about yourself that can only go up from there through patience and self care.

  • Know how to change and why. Imagine yourself acting with the attributes you need practically and in a social setting. Then apply them. It won't be successful at first, but gentle steps and mistakes lead to progress. Also, listen to your gut during these times. It'll be a great way to know if you are comfortable with how you are changing or what you are doing. Slowing the pace of change is still progress!!

  • Stay as open minded as physically possible. For some reason I shut a lot of ideas out of my possibilities: starting a business, drawing my own comic, starting a blog, making passive income in different ways, maturing into someone completely new. It took some time and days alone to understand that I was the only one holding myself back from achieving my goals, and I believe a key part to that was finally reaching an encouraging level of open-mindedness.

This is a list of stages I passed through in self-development so far. I kept realizing mental fallacies I would fall back on more and more, and I kept deleting them from my mental processes, as explained briefly above. These four points are critical to self-understanding and growth for me.

To summarize: discover who you need to be in order to guide yourself towards a happy and successful life, on your terms. I believe success and happiness are completely subjective and should be found on your terms. One way to achieve that may be to be the leader you need in your life right now.

I hope this piece helps someone get through some type of time in their lives. I would love for your take-away to be that you are the leader you need, you have always been, and it is up to you to bring that part of you out of yourself. Have an amazing week!

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