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Acts of Self Love and their Importance

Some personal upkeep is key to a high-functioning life. Some positive self-talk, gifts to yourself, and small trips to favorite restaurants are a couple of ways to care for yourself and reward the work you’re putting into your life and your family.

What is ‘Self Love’? Knowing that you are working hard, knowing that you get tired, and knowing that you are here for yourself and can support yourself when you are tired and in need of a pick-me-up. The trouble with thinking someone else will ‘bring you up’ and ‘make

you happy’ in this sort of way is assuming that they themselves are always happy and ready to provide attention and care to you when you need it most. Odds are, the person in that position also needs some self love, and can’t always provide you the emotional TLC you need.

The way I give myself some self love is through small tokens of personal appreciation. I have a lot of personal goals that I’m working on simultaneously (from financial to work to personal life), so when I’m feeling a bit overworked I’ll do something for myself.

These events usually occur in the following pattern: I notice I’m starting to feel worn out. I’ll go and request off a weekend for myself from work. If this weekend is a bit in advance, then I know I’ll be able to save up some money in advance for the weekend off. Once that weekend creeps up (and they really do sneak up on you!) I’ll start planning out the weekend!!!

It doesn’t have to be as big as requesting off from work. Your personal token of appreciation to yourself can be in the form of a desert at your favorite restaurant, reserving time to get ahead in your favorite book, making time to take a power nap during your week, or just simply sitting back with a spot of tea or coffee and watching the clouds roll by.

This exercise is meant to lift you up and give your mind some free headspace to relax and reorganize your emotions and thought processes in general. Acts of Self Love don’t have to be alone, but I prefer to be on my own most of the time as it gives me every opportunity to prioritize my own personal happiness in any given situation.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on how to reaffirm yourself when you’re feeling down. I hope you enjoy your next personal treat! Have an amazing week!

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