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A path to a Peaceful Mind

Addressing how stress and a lack of self-awareness can change your life. For the worse. Here is a way to realize, understand, and manage stress.

Take a second to think about how you are doing in all avenues. Work-life, personal life, social life. Any life you are in, take a moment to think about how it is impacting you. Especially those first two. From personal experience, I’ve learned that unmanaged stress and frustration from my work life and personal life can compound on my mental health. I understood pretty quickly that these stressors were affecting my mindset, and so I quickly made up a scheme to extinguish them.


I made a ‘list’ of stressors. Un-ironically sit yourself down with a pen and paper and address your anxieties, stressors, heavy influencers, on a bullet listed format. Really take a look at what is influencing you, from all avenues. From the shopping you need to do the next day, to the upcoming bills you need to pay next week, to the assignment(s) due tomorrow, to the at-home workload build up. From small to big, jot down what’s on your mind.

Use this list as a pathway of insight into your mind. What you jot down MEANS something to you. What stresses you out MEANS something to you. This is a great gut check to see what actually matters to you. From this list, make an educated guess at what your worries are. Stressed about groceries? That may sprout from financial worries, or a lack of time to shop, or just being able to control your spending while shopping, even finding TIME to go shopping.

Whatever your worries may be, address them. Understand where they stand with you. Understand why they impact you. This is a step towards a peaceful mind. Try and translate each ‘stressor’ into a realistic ‘worry’

My main experience with stress usually has an added effect of confusion. If this applies to you too, that’s where the stress list comes in. Visualizing, understanding, and addressing each stressor is a way to organize those emotions. Transcribing them from ‘Stress’ to ‘worry’ not only opens a sense of understanding and organization, but it also makes the management of the stressor more attainable.

Exercise 2

Create a management schedule. Understand that each stressor can’t be extinguished immediately. It requires time and proper time management to effectively address and extinguish each stressor. No guarantees that EACH stressor will be eliminated (usually money and family stressors linger), but this is an exercise to take out the smaller and more manageable stressors.

For example, I have some long term family and money stressors that I know will stick with me for years. But I gain some peace of mind managing the smaller ones: work-life situations, interpersonal situations, lack of relaxation, lack of self-expression, lack of time with my grandparents, and school/education stressors.

What is a ‘Management Schedule’? In my terms, it ended up being research into my future career, getting a job, making more time for family and friends, and making a budget plan to put a disciplinary cap on my superfluous spending.

Pull the agenda of the management schedule from your stressors list. Use your worries as a reference for the list.

For example:

Stressor: Too much spending, not enough saving

Worry: Where is my money going?

Management: Creating a pocket budget that caps my spending over the course of a month. An allowance each week, leading to a set amount of personal spending each month.

Stressor: Not seeing my grandparents enough.

Worry: What if they are lonely, or don’t think I think of them?

Management: Find ways to be present for them every day. I made an “I love you Jar” with small affirming messages inside, I call them every couple of days, and I started setting time out of the week for ‘Lunch Dates’ with them.

These were a couple of my manageable stressors, and eliminating them brought me MAJOR peace of mind. Knowing what my stressors were, understanding the emotion (worry) behind them, and making a realistic and attainable management list for them, helped me brighten my life. And brighten other’s lives as well.

I hope this article gives some insight on how to manage some of life’s stressors in order to gain a more peaceful mental state. Something like stress DOES have long term negative impacts on the body, so addressing them is very important. Hopefully this article gave you a new way to accomplish that!

Have a good day!!

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