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5 Things for my 13-year-old Self

This is a loving letter addressed to myself from 8 years ago. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I want to share them with her. Hopefully, anyone reading these will take them as well if they like them!

When I was 13, I was in middle school. I had a big crush on an 8th grader. I had been playing volleyball for 2 years on the school team. Here are some things for her, from her 21-year-old self.

  1. Stop eating sweets. You are going to get cavities if you haven’t already. Just save me some money and stop while you still have a chance to rebuild your dental health.

  2. Stop trying to look perfect. I get it, I know. It’s alright to want to look pretty. But stop popping every pimple, stop spraying your hair stiff and in place, stop trying to get all of the high-fashion clothes, stop buying makeup. It’s not going to make you prettier. It’s actually going to make you more self-conscious.

  3. Stop trying to be a cool kid. I get why you want to, but they actually aren’t cool. Your ideas and passions differ from them wildly so even trying to get on the same social and personal level as them would be a bust. And it ends up being a bust. Don’t focus on them and stop comparing yourself to them, focus on your art instead. Your older self wishes she could have used that time to hone her artwork and drawing style.

  4. Start listening to mom. I know she is an absolute wart but just listen to her for a second. She means well.

  5. Start seeking out what makes you happy. I remember exactly what used to make me happy. I would suppress it because it was ‘weird’ and ‘uncool’. Turns out, a lot of those things you deemed were uncool are some of the only hobbies you’ve kept throughout your life. Don’t suppress them, pull them up, and embrace them. They are a natural source of happiness and expression that now you can’t live without.

I hope someone else can read these and take something away from it. All of these are regrets. If I keep thinking, I’ll probably come up with more.

I really wish someone had grabbed my shoulders at this age and softly discussed these things with me. Remembering my attitude back then, I probably would have brushed them off saying ‘you don’t understand’. I would have still thought about these points, and I would have ended up realizing their edge and their meaning.

All I’m saying is I’ve learned a lot about myself by looking back at who I used to be and comparing her to who I am now. A completely different person, in a lot of ways. I proudly say that.

I hope you see something in this piece and take it with you through your life. Have an amazing week!

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