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5 Reasons to be picky with Relationships

This is a healthy thing to practice, so don’t feel like you’re being ‘mean’ or ‘rude’. Setting proper relationship boundaries that maintain mutual self-respect and privacy are some key parts of a properly functioning relationship. Being picky about your relationships is healthy and OK! You should be valued in who you pick to be close to you, and you should be happy with those people! It is OK to be picky!

Let’s get a bit more into this: here are the 5 main reasons you should be picky with your social group.

  1. The people in your life affect you.

Whether you understand their influence or not, the people around you impact how you think, how you perceive certain things, and how you react to certain people. So it’s up to you here: do you want positive and uplifting people around you? Or do you want people around you that constantly judge, talk drama, and bring others down? Small things like this can weigh heavily on you.

2. The people in your life affect your family.

It’s already a red flag if you want to keep a person a ‘secret’ from your family. Whether you have a close family or not, whether they are blood family or not, the definition of family for me is “someone who cares for your well-being, and loves you”. These people are affected by the influences you bring in through your relationships.

3. Could deter future relationships

Society is very judgemental. I’m very judgemental (although I try not to be), family is very judgemental (because they care), and your workplace is very judgemental. Having a negative crowd could stop the progression of further connections fo these reasons. Especially with your work life.

4. Your mental health

This ties into number 1, but I wanted to make this point its own subject. How people talk to you, talk about you, or talk to others can greatly impact your view of yourself and others. Odds are, if you usually have a group of 4 friends with one missing, and your group is talking negatively about that missing friend, that is evidence they may do the same thing when you aren’t around. From personal experience, it sucks to have people you consider ‘friends’ beat down your name every chance they get. For your better health, find people that think about your high points, and strive to help you succeed.

5. Who you have around you can help you grow

My mother has taught me this, over and over. The people in your friend group and social life in general can help you climb the ladder in life. If you have friends who are stagnant, stay in one place, don’t have any ambition or any drive to excel, then they are the example being set in your consciousness. If the people around you are goal-seeking, achievement and fun driven people, then that will be the example you have around you. Set the right example for yourself.

I have a very small group of friends. Some friends I hang out with to have fun. Some I seek out for advice or just to chat. I have a small friend group because I want to have great connections with like-minded people who have goals, life long aspirations, and want to be happy all the way through life. That’s the example I’m setting for myself.

Hopefully this piece helps! Have an amazing day!

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