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5 Books that changed my Perceptions

I read these books mostly because the school system I live in had these in their curriculum. I took away a lot from these books, so I hope someone who hasn’t read these will give them a chance. Also, this list is not of importance (item 1 means the same to me as item 5). Each of these books impacted me in completely different ways as I describe below their title, but all of them are incredibly important to me and have been read, and re-read, multiple times! This post contains some spoilers of the books listed.

1. “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Cowry

This book gave me extra insight on some ideas I was already familiar with. It also gave some practical ways of thinking about these ideas and practical applications to real life.

The best thing I learned from this book was to be proactive and not reactive. This taught me to think about what I was about to say, about to do, and what I was about to get myself into. I practice a fair majority of these habits on a daily basis, so this book easily makes the list of books that changed my perspective.

2. “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls

I read this when I was in highschool for an AP class. This memoir changed my perspective of how I lived my life. It made me realize how good my life is, and how bad just one person can make it. Or two people. She showed me that an incredibly strong will and unbending determination for change can take you from the bottom to the top. This book changed my perspective by humbling me and making me realize that I cannot let myself take anything for granted ever again. Because it can quickly be taken away.

3. “A child called ‘It” by Dave Pelzer

This book is another humbling example of how bad a living situation can really get. Another memoir, this book spills the events of a normal family turned abusive. I was so obsessed with this book, I finished it in one day. I cried multiple times but still turned the pages. The moral of this story for me was another practice of gratefulness. I read this at a young age so everything else I experienced associated with family relationships I compared to this book. I learned that I don’t have it bad, and I’m far from the worst I’ve ever been able to conceptualize.

4. The survival of the Sickest by Sharon Moalem and Jonathan Prince

This book planted my interest in epidemiology during my early college life. I learned about how our body keeps certain diseases in order to live longer. I also learned about the fact that since the human life span is now longer, we are coming across new inherited diseases. This book was an incredible adventure through the flexibility of the human genome, and how flexible our species is to our environment. The book changed my perspective because it guided me towards another research option, and showed me how amazing scientific research really is. It made me excited to possibly track down a relationship between a reoccurring illness and what our bodies think we ‘need’ to survive.

5. Your money or your Life by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez, Mr. Money Moustache-Foreword

This was my first Finance book. This goes over the relationship between your life, your experience, and your money. My main take away was a decision-making tool that I use about every day, and I can personally say it has saved me hundreds of dollars a month: your money is an exchange you make with your employer. The exchange is money for hours of your life, energy, and attention. The next time I bought a shirt, or a nice pair of shoes, I asked myself “is this pair of shoes worth 6 hours of your life?”. As you can guess, the answer is usually no.

All of these books have changed the way I perceive a lot of my reality. Especially items 5 and 3. I try to live peacefully and frugally every day because of those two books. I have a growing list of multiple different books scaling multiple different genres, I hope that one of these books listed above can make it onto your personal list of books to read.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

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